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Speed up the document workflow
in your company.

Increase the administrative department’s efficiency and reduce costs by providing a solution for efficient contract management. With Pergamin, you will reduce the time from making business arrangements to signing contracts by 90%. Take your company’s organizational processes to the next level!

Pergamin: Speed up the document workflow in your company

Improve administrative efficiency

The daily operations of an office require coordination and effective management. Streamline your company's document flow, eliminate document handling downtime, and increase the cost efficiency of your contracting processes. Preparing documents and controlling the circulation of contracts need not take up most of the administrative staff's time.

Improve communication and keep company documents organized!

Use a single source of information for all of your company's contracts

Take the opportunity to streamline your company's workflow and improve communication related to paperwork.

Sign documents faster with suppliers and employees

Sign contracts by text message without sending back scans and without live meetings. Choose a solution that you'll be contracting with in no time, and as a result, accelerate your business growth.

Keep your documents organized

Save time searching for contracts. You don't have to look through binders and cabinets. Use the convenient electronic archive where you can easily find specific contracts by the contractor’s name or title.

Work on one version of the contract regardless of the number of changes

All parties work on one version of the document, and if any of them make changes, you don't have to create the agreement from scratch. You can easily edit a document if an employee changes the data or if you find a mistake in the content.

Would you like to shorten the time between

business arrangements and signing a contract

in other industries or processes?

Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.