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Online contracts and electronic signatures are driving the events industry

Take advantage of the fastest contract preparation solution, shorten your workflow time, and speed up the organization of planned events. Focus on more interesting tasks than creating documents and waiting for a signature.

Pergamin: Online contracts and electronic signatures are driving the events industry

See how to shorten the time from agreeing on terms to signing a contract

Poznaj historię Going. i Pergaminu

Natalia Dziedzianowicz

Office Manager at Going.

“Our document workflow used to involve lots and lots of paper and repetitive, laborious work for us, but Pergamin has completely changed that.”

Conclude agreements digitally
by signing them more than twice as fast

Event companies conclude up to several hundred contracts per month. Many of them, due to the seasonal nature of the industry, must be sent and signed even on the same day. With Pergamin, you will shorten the time needed for concluding contracts with employees and performers in the dynamic events industry. Conclude agreements in no time and organize events faster!

Focus on organizing events instead of concluding contracts.

Shorten the time needed to sign contracts

By automating the creation, negotiation, and approval of documents, meetings and phone calls will be reduced to a minimum. You will be able to sign contracts securely via text message from anywhere. Forget about printing and mailing paper documents during the busiest season.

Organized documents and a single source of information about contracts

You always know what actions to perform on a given document, and the system automatically sends you reminders. You can easily find contracts in an e-folder without having to keep dozens of boxes and binders of documents.

Reduce the time needed to sign contracts, regardless of their type

Contracts that vary in content and require the signatures of repeat contractors are no longer a problem. You can use convenient, flexible templates. Everyone involved in the process has access to the document at every moment.

Would you like to shorten the time between business 

arrangements and signing a contract in other teams 

or industries?

Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts.

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.