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Instant online contracting in education

Prepare documents online and sign them electronically with students and learners - faster by up to 90%. Align your contracting process with customer expectations to streamline revenue generation.

Pergamin: Instant online contracting in education

Don't wait until classes start to sign a contract
with the students

Educational institutions that offer online courses and language schools sign many contracts that vary in terms and conditions. You can increase employee productivity by streamlining paperwork and reducing time to signature for candidates. This will help generate revenue faster and keep the paperwork flowing smoothly. 

Enjoy the convenient features of Pergamin for your industry


Create a ready-made contract based on an iframe without having to rewrite data from the form.

Text message signature

Conveniently sign your contract with a quick and 100% legal text message signature.

Document status tracking

Easily remind course candidates who have not filled out paperwork or signed a contract.

You'll stay organized even with a large volume of contracts

Competitive advantage

Online contracting in the education industry will improve your reputation. Younger customers and their parents are used to electronic services and will highly appreciate it if signing a document does not require a commute and filling out paperwork. This approach gives any education company a competitive advantage.

Streamline the process of concluding agreements and generating revenue

You don't have to wait to collect fees until after students show up at school or require them to pay without signed paperwork. Careless and delayed contracting in the hallways is becoming a thing of the past.

Would you like to shorten the time between business 

arrangements and signing a contract in other teams 

or industries?

Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts.

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.